Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baby Yoga Pose: Super Baby

At my Mommy & Me Yoga class last Friday one of the moms was telling me how she had been doing the poses at home and how much they were helping with her baby’s digestion, gas, and helping her baby to sleep better. I thought of the idea to share a pose with you each week. You can try these poses at home with your baby, they are very easy to do and only take a few minutes.
Baby Yoga is little baby exercises such as grabbing their thighs and rotating them around, baby chair poses, flying on mom's knees ~ Super Baby pose (this week’s pose) and Puppy Pose ~ where baby lies over your thighs rocking back and forth. What I love about Baby Yoga is that it gives you more ways to interact with your baby and make them smile. The routines are very short, about 5 to 10 minutes, which is perfect for busy moms. There are routines to try at bedtime to help your baby sleep better and routines specifically for digestion and to ease gas pain.
You can comment or contact me if it seems unclear how to do the pose, or if you have any questions about the pose.

This week’s pose:
Super Baby

Brody hated tummy time, all he would do was scream. We even tried a tummy time mat, but that didn’t work either. There are a few poses in baby yoga that are the same as getting your baby to do tummy time.

One of them is Super Baby. As your baby gets older and gains the neck strength, they will also enjoy getting a different view of you and the room.

How to do Super Baby:

First, bring your baby into your arms. Try to make sure your baby hasn’t eaten in the past half hour.

Lie down with your baby on your belly.

Prop your knees into a 90 degree angle. Bring your knees and feet close together.

Place your baby’s belly down on your shins so that your baby is looking down at you.

Leave your hands around her chest and waist to keep her safely in place.

You can make Super Baby easier or harder and work on your abs by straightening your legs and lowering them to the ground without touching the ground. If you baby is under four months I would stay with your legs closer and keep a tight hold on your baby.

Come out of Super Baby by lifting your baby and body into sitting position. Give your baby a big hug!



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